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The Price of Bel Air

Most people remember the good old days when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air played on the TV. Now, the actual house that the entire show took place at is for sale! John Doe says I'm going to be sure to put all my money towards that house!

Fire Sale!

All Firepits sell fast here!

Recently, Rick Astley has decided to choose a new career path. He's started to sell and build firepits for prople to use at their homes. This is the best idea I've had yet! he claims.

On the Plus Side: Social Media

When you ask a lot of older generations about social media, they typically grumble about how it’s bad for you, and how you would be better off going into the backyard and playing with sticks. However, despite what many superstitions may have you believe, social media isn’t so bad, and can actually be good....
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